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Huawei’s new flip foldable phone is in the works

When it comes to tab sized foldable phones the market is pretty saturated but not many clamshell foldable phones are available. After Samsung z flip, Huawei P50 pocket is one of the first flip phones that came to the market. Now new leaked information suggests an iterative small folding phone is in the process of polishing.

Screenshot of the Digital chat station Weibo post about Huawei M60

According to a very reliable leaker Digital chat station on Weibo the new Huawei flip phone named M60 is in the works. It will be the successor of the Huawei P50 pocket. This new phone will have a Larger outer screen and the inner display will have high-frequency dimming. The phone will be thin and light overall compared to the last generations.

The Huawei M60 is set to have a dual-core battery with a total 4520mAh± capacity which is an improvement from previous years 4000mAh. It will have 66W fast charging support improved from 40W.

Huawei p50 pocket

Any other information about the phone is unknown but from the initial upgrade details from last year’s phone, it looks competitive to the other flip phones on the market. Currently most of the major brands like Oppo, Vivo, Techno, Samsung and Motorola released flip phones but only Samsung and Motorola’s clamshell foldable are available globally. It’s unclear whether or not Huawei will release the M60 globally.

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