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Huawei P60 Camera Will Have Variable Aperture!

Political obstructions, COVID-19 and the supply chain issues slowed down Huawei’s growth in the international market. That’s why Huawei couldn’t release any P series smartphones in 2022.

After a lot of delays Huawei is finally ready to launch their P50 successor the P60. Huawei is back on track and we can expect to see year over year launch of the P series Huawei device without a skip.

Picture of the variable Aperture

Some spac details of the Huawei P60 started to emerge on Twitter. Huawei’s camera innovation was always among the best in the industry. In the past Huawei used their own RYYB image sensor but the P60 series will use Sony IMX789 & IMX888 for its main cameras

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The main camera sensor is larger than the previous generation. The rendar of the device shows 3 cameras. It looks like there will be a periscope zoom camera too. Like the Mate 50, the P60 series will also have variable aperture


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