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Google foldable phone appears on Geekbench!

Google might release their first foldable very soon. Google has been working on a foldable smartphone since 2019 that was confirmed by the company’s Pixel division.

A Geekbench score codenamed as ‘Pixel Felix’ appeared online that shows it’s equipped with Google’s self developed Tensor G2 chipset.

Google uses the same chip on their latest flagship smartphone the Pixel 7 and 7 pro. Though the Tensor G2 is not the most powerful chip on paper because of Google’s closed integration with their own software and hardware made it well optimised and battery efficient.

Geekbench score of upcoming Google Pixel Foldable phone

Google is late to the market when it comes to foldable. All the major smartphone brands (Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, vivo, Huawei) have already launched foldable smartphones on the market. But Google has a huge advantage to their side. And that is software. Google is always known for their good software experience.

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Google will definitely make sure that the software experience is the best on their foldable phone which is the main weakness to all the other foldable phones except Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Z fold 4 is only foldable available internationally with a good software experience.

All the other foldables from the Chinese smartphone manufacturers only launched exclusively in china. So for now Samsung is the only competition for Google. But that could change really soon as the Chinese smartphone brands have plans to release foldable smartphones globally in 2023.


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