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Galaxy Z Flip 5 outer-display got bigger: Rumors says

Samsung’s foldable phones are the best selling foldable phones in the market. Galaxy Z Flip phones are the more pocketable folding phones that Samsung offers. Last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 sold in a large number. But one of the things that Galaxy Z Flip 4 lacks is the smaller outer display. Its competitors like Oppo Find N2 Flip offers a bigger display along with new possibilities and features. Though in spite of having a larger outer display, Oppo couldn’t utilize it with more software features. Now rumors say that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 could have a bigger rear display.

Larger outer display on Galaxy Z Flip 5 is not a fresh rumor. We already heard about it a few months ago. Though we did not have that many strong sources of that news. But this time, the rumor is more strong and also shows some unofficial renders of the Galaxy Z Flip 5.

An alleged sketch of the rear panel of Galaxy Z Flip 5 was floating around the internet. The sketch shows a larger outer display of Galaxy Z Flip 5. The outer display was not like typical square panels. The panel is even bigger than the Oppo Find N2 Flip, covering the empty space of the side of the camera module. We have no idea how Samsung uses the extra display.

the alleged sketch of the upcoming galaxy z flip 5 in a white background

Recently there are also some Galaxy Z Flip 5 renders available online. The render seems to be created based on the sketch we just discussed. There is no change except the rear display of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. These are just rumors and there is guarantee that this will come in the end product.


Foldable phone market is growing so fast. Newer brands are entering the market and trying to make their own position. Techno is also trying to occupy the market share of the foldable smartphones with their Phantom V Fold. Oppo offers their foldable phone in Oppo Find N branding. Oppo’s sister brand Vivo was rumored to release a pocketable folding phone like Galaxy Z Flip phones. Folding phones brought back some of the excitement in the smartphone market that we had before 2019.


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