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Satellite Communication is now a part of Android 14 OS

The telecommunication system of smartphones adds a groundbreaking feature in 2023. With the introduction to satellite communication, a new era of radio communication is about to start. Currently, only few smartphones offers this technology with limited functionalities. But in a near future, every smartphone will use this incredible way to communicate without being connected to a cell tower.

In 2023, the satellite communication wasn’t a part of the Android OS. That’s because not many smartphone was capable of such communication technology. Over time, the potential of this technology has been increased a lot. So, in order to make the implementation of satellite communication easier, Google introduced a new API to Android 14 system.

Android Expert Mishaal Rahman found the existence of the new satellite communication APIs in Android 14 source. He mentioned that the APIs are currently hidden from third party applications.

mishaal rahman talks about the satellite communication in android 14

With these APIs, users will be able to send SOS messages and location data to the satellite for communication. He also spotted a module that will work to detect if the device is out of coverage of cell towers. Once the module detect that, it triggers the satellite communication functionality of the Dialer app of the device.

Off course not all phones running Android 14 will be able to use Satellite Communication technology. The device hardware needs to capable of doing that. The device manufacturers also have to implement the feature in software level.

Few manufacturers already started working on satellite connectivity of smartphones. Samsung showed their work on NTN networks which will be exclusive to Exynos chipset. Qualcomm’s X75 modem also supports satellite connectivity. Larger tech giants are trying hard to bring this technology in our hand.


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