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New RedMagic 8S pro comes with the fastest mobile processor ever

RedMagic is one of the best gaming phone manufacturers on the market right now. They officially announced the latest edition to their RedMagic 8 pro series and it’s the RedMagic 8S pro. The phone will debut on 5th July next month.

3.36 GHz overclocked version of the RedMagic 8S pro

The main difference between the RedMagic 8 pro and 8S pro is the processor. Instead of the regular snapdragon 8 gen 2 which clocked at 3.2GHz it uses an overclocked version of the 8 gen 2 clocked at 3.36GHz. This version of the 8 gen 2 appears to be the same as the ‘snapdragon for galaxy’ variant that launched with the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. It also increased the GPU clock speed from 680MHz to 719MHz.

RedMagic 8S pro AnTuTu benchmark score

RedMagic 8S pro is the first phone to come 24GB RAM and 1TB of internal storage. Super-large RAM might be the new trend going forward. OnePlus 12 also expected to come with 24GB RAM. RedMagic 8S pro performances is much better than S23 Ultra because of the better active cooling and more RAM. RedMagic 8S pro scored an Incredible 17,04,113 (1.7 million) on AnTuTu v10.

RedMagic 8S pro design

Other specs of the 8S pro remains the same as RedMagic 8 pro. 6.8 inches AMOLED display, Triple rear camera, Under-display front camera. Ice cooling system, and shoulder triggers for gaming. The phone will be available in two color which is Frozen Silver and Dark Knight


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