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Realme RMX3710 listed on FCC certification! Some important specs were revealed!

Realme phones are always a value for money option to the consumers. They offer balanced specs for its price range. That’s why Realme phones are always sold in large numbers.

This time Realme RMX3710, the upcoming Realme phone was listed on FCC certification site. FCC or Federal Communications Commission is an organization that tests electronic devices for the limit of ionizing radiation. If the device gets approved from FCC it can be sold at the consumer market internationally.

Realme RMX37101 Image revealing the network bands and communication details of Realme RMX3710

According to this listing, the phone is a 4G phone. The phone has 2 GSM, 3 WCDMA and 8 LTE bands. The phone has dual band Wifi support. The phone has a 5000mAh BLP875 battery. The phone has a VCB3HDUH 33W charger with it.

The FCC also revealed some details about the dimension of the phone. The phone is 165.66mm long and 73.91mm wide.

The diagram revealing the dimensions and antenna placement inside the Realme RMX3710

According to the image shared on FCC there will be a place for the NFC chip inside the phone. So it supports NFC at least for certain regions.

#Source: This news was shared on Slashleak.

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