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Realme GT5 brings 240W Flash charging

Realme is always a step ahead of other manufacturers in terms of fast-charging technology. Almost every Realme phone gets faster charging support than its competitors. Realme is the only brand to bring 240W fast charging supported phones commercially.

It was Realme Gt Neo 5 that came with 240W charging support. Though Realme released a bit slower 150W variant of the GT Neo 5 in China later. Xiaomi also tried with 210W charging with Redmi Note 12 Pro Explorer Edition. But it wasn’t widely available.

Realme didn’t stop with the Realme Gt Neo 5. To continue the fast-charging game, Realme will also use this 240W charging technology on their upcoming Realme GT5. Realme officially confirmed that the GT5 will come with 240W charging support. With this charging speed, it’s tested to fill a 4600mAh battery in just 9 minutes.

realme gt5 poster promoting 240W fast charging

Though Xiaomi already showcased a 300W charging phone but it was a prototype unit. Another Chinese brand is working on 15C battery technology that can achieve 300W fast charging easily. But it feels like the next target of these Chinese brands is to bring the 300W charging to the consumer market.

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