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Google started rolling out the Privacy Sandbox [Beta] to eligible Android devices

Privacy is one of the most important things nowadays. It’s not only important to us but also the Advertising networks like Google, Meta and others. They use our data to improve their targeting for ads. This is important because if a product doesn’t reach its expected customer it won’t sell well. So apps collect users data and use it for better and personalized advertisement.

The internet is mostly running over ads. So it’s a necessary and must-do thing to collect users’ data for ads. But it should be done with maintaining proper privacy of a user. Google uses Advertising ID. An Advertising ID is created based on the usage of a user over the internet. It’s a device specific ID and the user can reset it any time.


Privacy Sandbox is a feature that allows users to have more control over their ad viewing experience. It can be called as a filter added to the personalized ad system of Google. With the Privacy Sandbox feature, now users can control which kind of ad they would be shown. If there is an irrelevant category in their interest list they can block that category. This will help Google to better surf ads to the users.

interface that allows users to block certain advertising category

Google has already started rolling out this Privacy Sandbox feature to eligible devices. According to sources “Eligible” devices likely means devices running Android 13 with extension SDK level 4 or later or devices on Android 14 DP1.

Privacy Sandbox interface

This is not new but still in the beta stage. Google is rolling out this feature to more devices to test it and improve the feature. Users with eligible devices will know about this feature through a notification and could try it out.

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