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The Pixel Tab to come with Tensor G2 chipset

Revealed more specs

The Pixel Tab isn’t a new topic to discuss today. Already so many tipsters provided leaks about the device. According to those rumors, we knew that there will be two variants of the Pixel Tab lineup. One will be the base variant and another one will be the pro with better specs. But according to the new rumor, the base variant of Pixel Tab is canceled. So the variant we expected to come with tensor G1 no longer exists.

But we got some important news about the remaining Pixel Tab. The codename of the Pixel Tab is ‘tangorpro‘. According to @Za_Raczke the tangorpro will be launched this year. He also shared some specs as well as live images of the device.

The Pixel Tab will come with a CsOT ‘ppa957db2d’ display panel with RichTEK 4539 backlit driver. CSoT is a China based display manufacturing brand. This display technology is used in LCD panels so the Pixel Tab isn’t coming with an OLED display for sure. @Za_Raczke said that it will be a 2560×1600 resolution display.

Pixel Tab live image
Pixel Tab Live image shared by @Za_Raczke

He also shared some performance related specs of the Pixel Tab. The Pixel Tab will offer a Tensor G2 chipset that we have already seen on Google Pixel 7 series devices. It’s a pretty capable chipset so no worries about the performance. It’s definitely not going to be a gaming tab but powerful enough to handle the pressure of a power user.

He also mentioned the RAM and Storage specs of the upcoming Pixel Tab (tongorpro) that he got from his source. The Pixel Tab LPDDR5 RAM and Samsung made UFS storage. He said that his source has tested the 8GB RAM and 256GB storage variant. So there might be other variants as well.

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