OnePlus 12 Battery and Charging specifications exposed

Battery capacity has been always an issues for flagship phones. As the phone need to use the highest-end hardwares to cope with the market, the space for battery become shorter. Still, most popular smartphone brands are currently offering a pretty large 5000mAh battery in their highest end phones. This battery capacity is now a standard for most of the phones. But a larger battery is always welcoming.

OnePlus knows that. There have been a rumor on OnePlus 12 battery capacity for a while. Tipsters were saying that OnePlus 12 will offer the standard 5000mAh battery like most other flagships of 2023. But with the latest leak by @DigitalChat, OnePlus seems to be going crazy.

The tipster confirmed that OnePlus 12 will come with a huge 5400mAh battery. That’s a huge deal if you consider it’s a flagship phone. Maintaining every flagship features, like large camera sensors, periscope zoom lens, stereo speaker and latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and more, the space management inside the device must be very difficult. Even with all these hardware, they are still capable to put a 5400mAh battery inside the chassis.

@Digitalchat exposing the OnePlus 12 fast charging and battery capacity information

It’s possible that they have developed a new battery technology that can offer larger capacity without being that large. Recently Honor featured a new battery technology with their upcoming Magic V2 Foldable smartphone. They’ve used a pair of ultra slim batteries to keep the phone slim. We will be able to know that once the phone get announced by the brand.

Not only a larger battery, OnePlus 12 will use a latest charging technology called UFCS Fusion Fast Charging. This new technology will bring a universal fast charging system inside the supported devices. With this, the fast charger compatibility will be fixed. Such as a Samsung phone with this technology will be able to charge itself by a third party UFCS supported charger. The charging speed will remain the same taking care of the battery health as well. This might not be a feature to expect on an iPhone. But I think this might be the future of the smartphone charging technology.

OnePlus 12 will offer 100W fast wired charging support along with 50W wireless charging.


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