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Nothing Ear (2) first look and confirmed features

Nothing started their journey with their very first earbuds, Nothing Ear (1). The product was a massive success as a starter brand that had no previous fame. People loved the Ear (1) a lot which was a clear signal from consumers that they want more products from Nothing.

The consumers are now waiting for the next release of the Nothing ear products. There were some rumors previously about the Ear (2). This time we have some interesting news about the Ear (2) from a trusted source.

According to the latest high quality press renders shared by @Onleaks and @Smartprix we got some design information of the Ear (2). As per the renders there are no big design chances compared to the previous Nothing Ear (1). The exterior of the Ear (2) is now almost the same except for some minor touches.

difference between the Nothing ear 1 and ear 2
Left- Ear (1), Right- Ear (2)

The render confirms that the microphone position is now changed which was previously on the top of each buds. There are some other minor changes to the design which most of the people won’t notice. But it makes the Ear (2) feel more artistic and futuristic.

Nothing Ear 2 renders of the buds

They also shared the render of the case of Nothing Ear (2).

Nothing Ear 2 renders of the case

Not only the design, but also some features of Nothing Ear (2) was shared by @smartprix. This time the ear(2) will be more capable with these features.

Personalized ANC

With the personalized ANC feature, you will be able to control the level of the background noise to be canceled. This will be helpful for different environments.

Transparency Mode

Transparency mode will allow you to hear the background sounds better when you are wearing the buds. This does the exact but opposite thing of ANC.

Did you know about this news? 😁

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Dual Connectivity

This feature allows you to connect the earbuds with two different devices at the same time. This feature is really useful for certain conditions. Like if you are watching movies on your tab and the earbuds are connected to your tab and phone and a call comes in, you will be able to receive the call and talk without disconnecting any of the devices.

Advanced EQ

Advanced Equalizer allows you to have control over the different frequencies of the music you are playing. You will be able to adjust the music according to your taste.

Find Earbuds Feature

This is a newer feature to the latest earbuds. Now you can find each bud with the app that comes with the earbuds. The earbuds should be connected to your phone and you can find the earbuds by ringing the buds with your phone. This will only work if your buds are connected to your phone and you are within the range of the buds.

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