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New MIUI 15 feature for devices with problematic volume keys

Xiaomi is spotted to add another new feature to MIUI.  Currently, it’s now regarding the volume functionality of the system. According to some reports, Xiaomi is adding some new exciting features to their next generation of MIUI skin. This new volume functionality is one of them.

An unofficial MIUI translator @kacskrz shared this beta feature in X. According to him, this new feature is found in the latest beta release of Android 14-based MIUI 14 ROM. He found some code inside the latest MIUI 14 Beta that indicates the particular feature. This new feature isn’t still implemented in the system. But Xiaomi is working on it and it might be fully available in the MIUI 15.

With this feature, if the system detects an abnormal activity of the volume keys, it will ask the user to use default volume settings. We still don’t know if the default volume value is adjustable or not. When this setting is enabled, the system will block the volume button action. This is to prevent volume-level instability. This new feature will also prevent hearing problems caused by high-volume sound via earphones.

Please note that this feature isn’t available yet in the front end of Android 14-based MIUI 14. As MIUI 15 is coming soon, the default volume level feature may find its way into that.. It’s also possible that Xiaomi add this feature also to MIUI 14 in the future.

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