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The new Android Auto comes with a seekable progress bar for music and podcasts!

It’s been a long time since users were waiting for some important changes in Android Auto. Android Auto is compatible with all major cars. It is the ultimate solution for an Android user while driving a car. The driver may need to take a look at the map, stay connected with his friends and family as well as playing his favorite music while he drives. But some major improvements were needed to make the driving experience a lot more fun.

This time the latest Android Auto app fixed most of the issues and provides a better user experience. Google has added some features to the app that were necessary.

On the latest version of Android Auto, users will be able to seek the progress bar of a music or podcasts. In the past, the users couldn’t skip a part of a song or podcasts.

That was a very annoying thing for a rider or driver. Now you can do it using the touch screen of your car display.

Android Auto quick reply feature that you can use to quickly reply to your massages

Alongside the seekable progress bar, there are some useful changes in the Android Auto app. The Google assistant will give reminders for missed calls, quick arrival time sharing and instant access to the music or podcasts. Users will be able to easily reply to the massage using some quick reply texts.

Google has added an exclusive feature in Android Auto for Pixel and Samsung users. Now Samsung and Pixel users.will be able to make Whatsapp calls using Android Auto. You can find more information about the latest release of Android Auto from Google’s official website.

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