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Motorola’s budget phone to come with Android 13!

Motorola is working pretty well in terms of software for their phone. Motorola is the only brand that provides stock Android like Ui with some additional useful features. Not only the stock Android like experience, they try to launch their phones with the latest Android version.

Motorola Moto E13, one of their upcoming smartphones will be a budget friendly option. Like most of the Motorola phones, this one will also be a phone for normal users. But with a strong software.

Motorola Moto E13 to be launched with Android 13. The Geekbench score of the phone was added on the Geekbench server. We get some important information about the phone from there.

Motorola Moto E13 will come with a Unisoc T606 chipset which is an entry level chipset. Moto E13 scores 318 on single core and 995 on multi-core with its 2GB RAM.Single core and multi-core Geekbench score of Motorola Moto E13

The score isn’t something that I am concerned about but the software. How Motorola will manage to put Android 13 with only 2GB and give users a good experience?

Android OS is getting more RAM hungry day by day. So the cheap phones won’t be able to handle the OS properly. But Google has a solution to this problem.

Google makes a lighter version of Android called Android Go which can be run on low powerful hardware. This time Google announced the minimum RAM requirement for Android 13 Go.


According to a blog post by Google’s developer Niharika Arora the minimum RAM requirement for Android 13 Go is now 2GB. The previous Android 12 Go required 1GB RAM to work properly.

So the Motorola Moto E13 will be a very cheap phone with Android 13 Go edition.

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