Microsoft SwiftKey Beta now features built-in ChatGPT, Web Search, Tone Optimization and more

Highlights of the latest Microsoft SwiftKey Beta Keyboard

  • Built-in ChatGPT integration
  • Built-in Web Browser with Bing search engine
  • Sentence Tone optimization

In the last quarter of 2022, ChatGPT caught a lot of attention due to its groundbreaking AI capabilities. People all over the world started testing this new language model aka AI chatbot and became impressed. Seeing the massive success and the population of ChatGPT, Microsoft started implementing this AI language model in their products. Microsoft added ChatGPT in the Bing web browser first. Where users can chat with the chatbot besides searching the web.

Technically, it’s a very useful tool for getting answers easily without putting a lot of time into manual research. Because, ChatGPT is trained with a large amount of data. Except for some rare incorrect responses, the current version of ChatGPT can do some unimaginable tasks.

Now, Microsoft added this useful tool into their SwiftKey keyboard for Android. This new ChatGPT addition can be found on the latest SwiftKey Beta version that was updated on April 4, 2023.

To use this ChatGPT integration inside the keyboard, you have to log in first with your Microsoft account. Then click on the Bing icon from the keyboard toolbar, then select Chat from the tab.

Options to choose between Creative, Balanced and Precise mode in ChatGPT

You can also choose between Creative, Balanced and Precise mode. Creative mode will utilize the AI capabilities of the system whether the response is imaginary. Precise mode will give you the most accurate information possible by the system.

Alongside the ChatGPT integration in Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard, there are a couple of new features that sound promising. First of all, Microsoft added a web search API inside the keyboard. Now you can type a keyword and find some of the top results from the Bing search engine directly inside the keyboard app. You don’t need to close the app in order to open one of those results, you can open a website from the search results directly inside the keyboard app as a window. This works similar to Android System WebView.

Microsoft SwiftKey built-in web browser

The new beta version of Microsoft SwiftKey also includes a feature to optimize the tone of your sentence. This becomes handy for writers to optimize their post for different types of readers or applications. You may face app crashes while using this feature.

Microsoft SwiftKey let's us choose the tone of our sentences

These are the overview of the latest features that have been added to the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard. None of these features is currently available in the stable version of this keyboard. But we can expect them to come with the stable release when it’s ready.

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