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Meta restarted the development of a new version of its discontinued Meta smartwatch

The smartwatch market is a growing market. Apple is leading the market with 36% market share. Samsung, Huawei and some other major brands are also in the competition. We might see Meta launching a new smartwatch with some uncommon features providing more competition in the smartwatch sector. More competition is better for the end consumer.

Meta wanted to make a smartwatch as part of their metaverse hardware ecosystem before. The watch had a dual camera which is unique for a smartwatch. But it was reported that the Meta smartwatch project has been cancelled.

Meta smartwatch picture

According to Kuba Wojciechowski on Twitter a new version of the Meta smartwatch is in development. The version 1 of the device was cancelled. But Meta still wants to ship the device, so that users can start getting used to the form factor.

The new version of the device is physically very similar to the previously leaked one. There appear to be some sensor array changes on the back, as well as small cosmetic differences. It still has the selfie camera. This will be a Metaverse related device.

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The device is tipped to come with a customised version of Android (not Wear OS). The watch will also be equipped with a Qualcomm Soc.


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