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Meizu invested more than 100 million yuan to make flyme os more stable

Software is one of the most important aspects of a smartphone. Yes, powerful hardware is necessary but if the software is not well optimised you will get lag even with the most top of the line hardware. Apple and Google are known for well optimised software.

When it comes to Chinese smartphones, the software experience always gets overlooked. They give you really good hardware at a very affordable price. But software is where they cut corners and save money. That’s why with most Chinese smartphones you get poor software experience. But Meizu is the one company trying to change that.

Meizu weibo post screenshot

Meizu on weibo announced that they invested more than 100 million yuan in special projects to make Meizu’s own custom android software skin called FlymeOS fast and stable.


Meizu 20 series will launch mwc 2023 with FlymeOS 10. They said that the system optimization has improved ten times. You will get a more unbounded and stable experience using the device. Some leaked screenshots of Flyme 10 shows beautiful icons and design.

FlymeOS 10 icons

You can secure your unit with 1 yuan advance booking. You will get 2.21 – 3.14 time-limited benefits, enjoy 7 major benefits including a 36-month long warranty.

Recently leaked Hi-res renders of the Meizu 20  revealed a beautiful design. The phone will also have top of the line flagship spec. Meizu claims that it will have the world’s fastest ultrasonic under display fingerprint sensor.


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