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K60 Ultra: The first Xiaomi phone to get 5 years of software update


A growing trend towards longer software support is gaining momentum as more and more Android brands are commiting to support their devices for 5 years. This is a praise worthy trend because it’s good news for consumers and It also helps phone brands to improve their reputation. Samsung is the one who started this with 5 years of OTA update on the Galaxy S21 series but now Xiaomi has also joined the club with the Redmi K60 Ultra.

President of Xiaomi group Lu Weibing announced on weibo that the K60 ultra will get 4 years of major android update and 5 years of MIUI and security update. Redmi K60 ultra is set release globally rebranded as Xiaomi 13T Pro. And this new update policy will help Xiaomi to gain more popularity.

Lu Weibing post image from Weibo

Xiaomi K60 ultra features a 6.67 inch 144Hz OLED display. It also comes with the very powerful Mediatek Dimensity 9200 plus chipset and up to 24GB RAM. This phone has a flagship level hardware and users will definitely benefit from having 5 years of software updates.

Software update is a major part of a smartphone user experience. Extended software support can also make your phone relevant longer for day to day tasks as some banking apps don’t function without the latest security update.

Longer software support is also better for the environment because it generates less electronic waste when you keep using your devices for 5-6 years instead of the usual 2-3 years.

Samsung and Xiaomi are not alone in this trend. Both OnePlus and Oppo announced that they will provide 4 years of major android update and 5 years of security update for their flagship phones. Google and Honor will also give 3 years of android update and 5 years of security update. And Apple iPhone is the benchmark to beat as they are the best when it comes to providing software support.

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