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iPhone 15 Pro models rumored to offer massive 2TB storage option

Apple is gearing up to launch their iPhone 15 series of smartphones in September. As the launch date draws near, a multitude of leaked features surfaces online. According to the rumours storage variant of the new iPhone 15 pro model could be upto 2TB.

As Apple is phasing out the 128GB storage option for the Pro and Pro Max model, the iPhone 15 Pro variants the base storage now starts at 256GB and goes upto 2TB. The regular 512GB and 1TB options are also available.

Iphone 15 pro models will have 2tb storage option
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In our digital life we’re now facing problems of increasingly high-resolution photos, higher bit-rate videos, and storage-intensive applications and games that can exceed 30GB of stroage space, which puts user’s with the constant concern of running out of space. Having 2TB storage will eliminate that concern.

Flagship smartphone nowadays also don’t include any expandable storage option. That makes stroage problem even worse. But thankfully with the new iPhone 15 pro models you will be able to choose from a wide range of stroage options according to your needs

The iPhone 15 series expected prices are also leaked. The base iPhone 15 and 15 plus will start at $799 and 899. Same as the last year’s price but the 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max models will start at $1099 and $1299. Which is a $100 increase from last year. 2TB variant of iPhone 15 pro max expected to cost $2099. There’s might also be an 15 ultra model.

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