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Alleged Huawei P60 Pro hands-on image revealed a pill-shape display cutout called Honor Island

Apple introduced the Dynamic Island to the iPhone 14 Pro series with some additional functionality. Though this isn’t anything new but a refined implementation. But people started saying that this is a new invention by Apple.

The fact is one of the Huawei phone first introduced this feature with the punch hole cutout. The device was Honor V20 that launched back in 2018. The Honor V20 was the first Honor’s phone to feature this punch hole cutout design. The phone creates a pill shape overly to the right aide of the camera that showed the ongoing call duration. There was also a feature with this cutout while using the front camera.

honor v20 showing call time duration inside a capsule beside the front camera
Image Credit: Huawei Central

Latest Honor or Huawei phone’s might bring this feature back. The upcoming Huawei P60 series is going to feature some groundbreaking features. Alongside those rumors, an alleged hands-on image of Huawei P60 Pro revealed some interesting information about the display of the device.

The hands-on image of Huawei P60 Pro was posted on Weibo. The image shows that the Huawei P60 Pro will feature a center aligned pill shaped cutout. We have seen this kind of pill shaped cutout in Xiaomi Civi 2 alongside the iPhone 14 Pro series. The upcoming iPhone 15 Pro will also have this pill shaped cutout which is already confirmed.

A person is holding a smartphone with with curved display and a center aligned pill shape cutout which is claimed to be the Huawei p60 pro
Image source: Weibo

Inside the capsule, there are two cameras spotted. Rumors suggested that there is also a 3D TOF sensor between those cameras. It’s said that the cutout will be named Honor Island. The interesting thing is that the cutout is relatively small that the iPhone 14 Pro or the Pro max. The cutout is also at the very top of the display.

Alleged Huawei p60 pro showing the center aligned pill shape display cutout
Image source: Weibo

Pill shaped cutout is a common feature in nowadays Huawei and Honor flagships. The display is also curved.


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