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Huawei P60 Art alleged live image shows a unique camera design of the phone

Yesterday Huawei announced their latest Huawei P60 series with their pricing. This time Huawei P60 series isn’t any groundbreaking series but a stable release considering the current flagship market. All of them come with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 4G SoC and similar specifications. If you wonder why it’s 4G, Huawei is banned from using 5G technology due to the US sanction. This sanction caused Huawei to fall behind its competitors in the smartphone market.

Though Huawei said that they will invest more on their smartphone business to regain their position. We already saw that Honor developed a chip that helps the phone better capture 5G signals in weak signal areas.

After the official announcement of the P60 series, some live images of the P60 Art leaked online. Huawei P60 Art is the top variant of the P60 lineup. These live images give us a rough idea on how the end product will look like.

a Huawei P60 Art phone on an wooden surface showing the rare design of the phone

As per the images, Huawei P60 Art has a pretty unique camera module design. Though it’s not completely unique it gives a fresh vibe. There is a triple camera setup and all the lenses are placed in a weird shaped camera bump. Huawei calls it ‘Tranquilizing Island’. Though it’s weird, many people might like it. There is also the XMAGE branding.

Inside the camera module, there is a 48MP variable aperture lens that can shift from f/1.4 to f/4.0. Currently Huawei is the only brand that offers this kind of unique features. It’s great news that all of the Huawei P60 series will have this variable aperture feature.

Render of the Huawei P60
Variable aperture of the P60 Pro

The back of the phone looks to be covered with a ceramic panel. Though it’s still not confirmed whether it’s a ceramic or glass panel, the pattern looks cool and Huawei calls it ‘calming ripple-like pattern’.

a Huawei P60 Art phone on an wooden surface showing the front design of the phone

The front of the phone looks somewhere similar to most of the current flagships. The bezels are very thin and symmetrical from each side. The phone does come with a single punch hole camera which confirms the Honor Island of P60 Pro news was fake.


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