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AGM flip will be the first rugged foldable smartphone

AGM, a well-known rugged smartphone manufacturer, is preparing to release an innovative foldable smartphone phone called the AGM Flip which will be the first rugged flip phone. The phone is scheduled to launch on August 24th. The launch will excite both tech enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

‘Foldable phone’ and ‘Rugged’ are two words that don’t sound right together. If you hear about foldable phones the first thing you picture in your mind is hinge and plastic screens both of which are the weakest part of any foldable. A single speck of sand can completely ruin your foldable phone’s display as we saw with the Google pixel fold. So as you can imagine this new foldable phone will be revolutionary if AGM can pull it off.

Screenshot of AGM's Weibo post

AGM’s account on Weibo teased that their new rugged phone will be foldable. And judging by the AGM flip name we expect it to be a vertical foldable phone. The AGM Flip stands on the brink of becoming the first rugged foldable phone in the industry. Combining state-of-the-art technology and AGM’s well-known durability this will be a huge leap for foldable phone technology.

AGM flip phone promotional picture

Certain earlier models from AGM have gone as far as incorporating features such as thermal imaging and infrared night vision. Unlike existing flip phones we might see features like this also get implemented in the AGM flip. Any other information about the phone is currently unknown.

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AGM has established a distinct position in the realm of rugged outdoor cell phones, concentrating on providing devices that offer protection against dust, water, and drops. This will be appealing to individuals who prioritize both durability and practicality in their smartphones.


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