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3D wallpaper to be a feature of A13 on future updates!

Animated or Live wallpapers is a cool feature in Android phones and some of us use it everyday. But the problem is with the availability and collections. There are very limited numbers for live wallpapers that can be found in most of the Android phones. Some even don’t have any of them. But there is good news for Live wallpapers lovers.

Google is working on implementing 3D wallpapers feature in A13 for Pixel devices. With this feature you have to select any of the images from your gallery and the phone will turn it into a moving 3D wallpaper. Though it’s not possible to make an environment fully 3D with only one image. It just uses the AI to find depth in the image and make a 3D effect.

These 3D wallpapers will move along with the movement of your phone. The phone will use its Gyro sensor to measure the movement of your phone and animate the wallpapers accordingly. This isn’t a fully new feature in the smartphone industry. We have seen this before but in 2D form. But this time Google will use their AI power to improve it and provide the 3D wallpapers feature.

Mishal Rahman shared about this feature on Twitter. He said that the feature is available but not working on the A13 QPR2 beta 1 software. Because it’s still in the beta stage and will be implemented when it’s ready to use.

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