Finally Xiaomi HyperMind for Global Users! Beta testing started

It’s been a long time since Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi HyperMind along with the HyperOS. But unfortunately, this feature was exclusive to China users due to its immaturity. This feature has been a success on China without issues. So Xiaomi decided to roll out this feature to global users.

Xiaomi HyperMind and it’s features

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Xiaomi HyperMind is a AI powered feature and to be the biggest part of the Xiaomi Ecosystem. Its aim is to automate some daily life tasks based on the users behavior. Let’s say, everytime you open a door of a room in your house and turn on lights. Imagine the light turn on automatically after you unlock the door. This is the main goal of HyperMind project.

How Xiaomi HyperMind works

According to Xiaomi, HyperMind learns the behavior of a user in Xiaomi Ecosystem and help the user by automating some tasks. Obviously you have to be in Xiaomi Ecosystem to be able to fully utilize this feature.

Xiaomi AI

HyperMind uses the HyperConnect to get the usage data of IOT devices across Xiaomi Ecosystem. Once you’re using Xiaomi products in it’s ecosystem for a while, Xiaomi HyperMind will analyze the pattern of your usage using machine learning. Then your Xiaomi phone will ask you to set reminder to HyperMind to do specific task after a specific task has been done following the usage pattern.

It has a lot of potential can can significantly improve the quality of your lifestyle depending on your usage pattern. Also this will be a huge privacy concern for some people as Xiaomi might be collecting these data.

Xiaomi HyperMind eligible Devices

As HyperMind is a part of HyperOS, so this feature should be available to all Xiaomi phones getting HyperOS official update. Currently it’s available to all Xiaomi devices powering by HyperOS in China. But Globally it’s still in beta stage. Only users with selected devices can get a chance to try HyperMind in HyperOS global ROM. Eligible Devices for this beta testing are listed below:

In future, Xiaomi HyperMind will be available across all devices running official HyperOS ROM. This also could work on HyperOS port ROMs but it’s uncertain.

Enroll or learn more about it this beta testing.

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