Vivo’s Next iQOO Phone to Feature Revolutionary Battery Technology

When it comes to smartphone innovation, Vivo is among the top brands, always bringing new and exciting features to the table. According to online rumors, they are apparently working on a phone with high-density batteries, aiming for 6000mAh. The battery could utilize new innovative chemistry or stick to standard Li-ion technology, details of which are currently unknown.

High-capacity batteries are nothing new. We’ve seen plenty of midrange and gaming phones with 6000mAh or higher capacity batteries, but those phones always had some compromises, mostly in terms of the camera. It’s challenging to cram in both a big 6000mAh battery and a flagship-grade camera. However, Vivo seems ready to tackle this challenge head-on.

As of 2024, a 5000mAh battery has been the standard battery capacity. But as user demand increases, Vivo is positioning itself to establish 6000mAh as the new norm in the competitive smartphone market.

Apart from the high-density battery, this alleged upcoming phone will also have 120W charging support. While specific details regarding the model name remain unknown, speculation points towards the Vivo iQOO Neo 9s series as the likely candidate to debut these features.

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