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Magisk v26.0 Beta: Changelogs and Download

Magisk is the ultimate tool for rooting as well as managing the SU of a rooted Android device. Magisk Manager offers a lot of useful features for power users. Now the latest version of the software, Magisk v26 just got released. Check out what’s new on the latest Magisk 26 release.

We have the full Changelogs of the latest version of Magisk Manager/ Script. In the Magisk v26.0 release there are so many things that have been changed or added. There are some changes and fixes in Zygisk. As of now, this is a Beta release so some features may not work properly. But let’s see the main changes.

There are new changes in the minimum System requirements to run this new version of Magisk. Users of and above Android 6.0 will be able to use this Magisk.

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The new Magisk v26.0 supports loading modules into the system by injecting overlayfs files. OverlayFS is a Linux filesystem that allows a filesystem to be overlaid on top of another filesystem, without modifying the underlying filesystem. In this case, it allows users to inject files into the Android system image without modifying the original image, which can be useful for modifying system files without breaking the device’s security features or causing instability.

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This new version of Magisk uses the legacy version of the LZ4 compression algorithm for compressing the boot image. The LZ4 algorithm is a popular compression algorithm used for compressing data, and the legacy version of the algorithm is an older version that is still supported in many systems. Some Android devices may not support the newer version of the LZ4 algorithm, so using the legacy version ensures that the compressed boot image can be properly extracted on these devices.

Screenshot of the full Changelogs of latest Magisk v26 by magisk team

MagiskInit now supports replacing existing *.rc files in the overlay.d directory, which allows users to override default system settings with their own custom settings.

Magisk Manager now supports patching the init_boot.img file for Samsung ODIN firmware, which allows users to modify the boot image of their Samsung device using Magisk. This will be useful for the developments of Samsung devices.

To sum up, Magisk team worked for adding the stability and more functionality for the Magisk v26.0.

Check out the full Changelogs here.

Download Latest Magisk v26.0 from official GitHub page

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