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MIUI Fingerprint Unlock Animation Theme Downloads

Looking to add some personality to your Xiaomi android phone’s fingerprint unlock? Themes can change the animation that plays when you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. We’ll show you some themes with unique and eye-catching fingerprint unlock effects!

As a android user, you have the freedom to customize your phone according to your taste and feel.

Even better news for Xiaomi, Redmi, Mi and POCO users. Because there are a lot of themes available in Xiaomi theme store. They offer a wide range of customization to the SystemUi and the System Launcher. Some of them offers lock screen customizations like changing the fingerprint unlock animations, adjusting the lockscreen clock even adding widgets to the lock screen.

But here we will specifically focus on Mi themes that have some of the coldest Fingerprint lock icons and animations. They will make your phone look cool AF and stand out while unlocking using the fingerprint.

MIUI Themes with Cool Fingerprint Lock and Unlock Animations

  1. CP2077
  2. Ronix Ui
  3. RealX Legacy
  4. OriginFTW
  5. CoolX UI

1. CP2077 (For Next-Gen Ui)

CP2077 or Cyberpunk 2077 MIUI theme is based on a futuristic video game. It offers in depth customization with stunning fingerprint lock animation. It comes with cool looking Icons and wallpaper.

The fingerprint icon animates when the the display turn on. Then if the user click on the FIngerprint icon, it transforms into a futuristic orb with animated circle.

Theme Name CP2077
Developer/Designer Clarencioo
Size 78.4MB
Compatibility MIUI 10-14

2. Ronix Ui (For Clean looking Ui)

The Ronix MIUI Theme offers a completely refreshed look for Xiaomi/Redmi devices running MIUI 11 or MIUI 12. It features a clean and decent layout with amazing icons, a beautiful notification panel with a new status bar design, and improved aesthetics across various MIUI system apps.

The theme also includes unique fingerprint and charging animations, adding to its premium feel.

Theme Name Ronix Ui
Developer/Designer Strix5428
Size 41.9MB
Compatibility MIUI 10-12

3. RealX Legacy (For Clean and Vibrant Ui)

RealX Legacy is is one of the most clean looking HyperOS/MIUI theme. The developer of this theme mainly focused on the Fingerprint unlocking animation and charging animation.

With RealX Legacy, you get two different fingerprint icon and animation styles as well to choose from. They includes

  • Oneplus Style Ripple
  • PacMan Edition

You can choose the fingerprint unlock animation speed in three steps. You also have the option to move the fingerprint icon position on Y axis. If you In-display fingerprint scanner position doesn’t match with the default icon position you can adjust it easily.

The theme offers two different charging animations which are Red Circle and Green Circle. You can also choose the lock screen clock style using the theme customizer.

Theme Name RealX Legacy
Developer/Designer Shivank Jaiswal
Size 31.9MB
Compatibility MIUI 12 and above

4. OriginFTW (For OriginOS lovers)

This MIUI theme has very similar characteristics as the RealX legacy theme. Both theme was created by the same developer. The key difference lies into the look and feel of the theme.

OriginFTW MIUI theme is inspired by OriginOS, a popular Chinese ROM for vivo and iQOO devices. Many people loves the clean and bright Ui of OriginOS. This theme can offer very close look and feel of OriginOS in your Xiaomi device.

Theme features are basically same as the RealX theme. You have two new Fingerprint icons and animations to choose from. The icons are 1. Normal, 2. Neon. Two animation styles are 1. Network, 2. Blast.

All other features are basically same as the previous theme.

Theme Name OriginFTW
Developer/Designer Shivank Jaiswal
Size 55.9MB
Compatibility MIUI 12 and above

5. CoolX Ui (For most alive and animated Ui)

CoolX Ui is one of the coldest MIUI theme out there. The theme packs a lot of system customization like Animated app icons, Animated home screen clock widgets, cool in-display fingerprint animation, REX charging animations.

The customization goes beyonds that with the REX custom Boot animation. It plays when you turn on the phone instead of the stock/default MIUI bootanimation.

Although you can’t change or adjust the animation style or the animation speed like previous themes in the list. But the theme is so optimized that you won’t need to change anything.

This theme is highly recommended for all. If you want to get rid of the boring stock Ui, this is a must-try for you.

Theme Name OriginFTW
Developer/Designer RjSurajTecH
Size 29.5MB
Compatibility MIUI 12 and above

Things to know before applying MIUI themes

The themes mentioned above are originally made for MIUI. But you can download and install it too if your Xiaomi Phone runs on Xiaomi HyperOS. But you will notice bugs and glitches as HyperOS comes with some changes over the MIUI Framework.

The theme modifies the followings sections of your system:

  • Lock Screen: Wallpaper and Clock
  • Home Screen: Wallpaper and Clock
  • System Elements: Notification Shade, Phone, Messaging, etc.
  • Icons: App Icon

How to apply these MIUI Fingerprint themes on your Xiaomi Phone

  • Click on the download button under each theme section
  • Select the official store link or download .mtz file from the next page
  • Open the Themes app on your Xiaomi Phone
  • Go to My account tab from the bottom.
  • Click on Themes and Import.
  • Browse to the download folder and select the theme .mtz file.

This will add the theme in your Themes list. You can click on the theme and Click Apply to apply the theme.

If you don’t see the Import option, you will need to click on the official store link and it will open your theme store. Then from there you can download and apply the theme.

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